The year it all began.
Andrea Zaccherini, an entrepreneur in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo and a lover of the fishery of tucunarés açus in the Amazon, decided, along with the guide Marlon Otero, to acquire a regional boat and prepare it for sport fishing in the region of Barcelos.

And during this year they found the boat of the City Hall of Barcelos for sale. Some reforms were made, and this is how the Angatu Sport Fishing came about.


The year of the new WORLDWIDE RECORD.

It all happened on November 3, 2010, a date that would enter into the history of the fishing world. After 14 years of waiting, the world record of the tucunaré passes from the hands of an American man into the hands of a Brazilian man. Better than that, the fish is caught on board of our Angatu Mirim, by our director Andrea Zaccherinni. At 13.190 kg (29.1 lbs), the monster was approved by the IGFA (International Fisheries Museum) in March 2011.


With the participation of several friends, such as fishermen, friends, guides and employees, in October 2004 Angatu began operating as a tourism company.

At the time Marlon Otero was the company's managing partner, Pilolô and Julival (Fera) were the fishing guides. In the future some followed different paths, some became entrepreneurs, other freelancer operators, but to this day Fera gives us the pleasure of guiding our customers.

Until then, the boat had provided support for family members, guests and small groups of friends.


The difficulty of being able to control all the operations, being based in the interior of Sao Paulo, had Andrea invite one of his best friends to help him in the work.
In 2012 the businessman, fisherman and friend, Bernardo Ometto, joined the company. His commercial vision brought excellent fruit, fruit that will be harvested in the course of the next seasons.
Here the company Angatu Boats decided to take a one way path, to become one of the best fishing tourism companies of the Middle Rio Negro.


Within 1 year operating in the region, now with a little more experience, we started the fishing season in October in the region of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro. At that time, only one North American company, with its floating huts, had operated there.
We upraised the river Jurubaixi (river that divides the municipalities of Barcelos and Santa Isabel) and had to "contribute" to the two communities from the mouth of the river to have access. In the other 3 tributaries of the region (Aiuanã, Uneiuxi and Téa) fishing was forbidden.



In September of 2015, we launched to the river our third and newest boat, the Angatu Açu. With a capacity for 16 well-equipped fishermen, Angatu Açu started the season in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, considered by many to be the best fishing season of the last 5 years.

The year of 2015 effectively put the Angatu Boats on an upper level of fishing operation and we hope to soon meet any fisherman from Brazil and the world. Come and visit the Angatu Boats.



With our fully functional operation, it's time to grow.
Our mascot, Angatu Mirim, 'was born' from the need to reach the headwaters further away from the tributaries, even in periods of great drought.
With a capacity of only 6 fishermen, our valiant "barquinho" began its career surpassing waterfalls of the mouth of the river Marié, affluent located in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. This adventure was included that year in the magazine Pesca & Cia.