Açu got off on the right foot. Considered one of the best seasons of all time, as early as its debut week, the fisherman's gang bustled to catch big fish. So much that this fishery was news for the magazine Revista Pesca & Cia (Nov / 15) published by our client Alexandre Dick.
In spite of being great, Açu has a medium draft, passing in shoals of only 1.40m of depth.

ANGATU AÇU, started operating in October 2015 in the city of Santa Isabel do Rio Negro. In 2016 it will be operating EXCLUSIVELY at SIRN.
There are 08 (eight) double suites with split air conditioning.
A boat with a capacity to comfortably meet 16 (sixteen) fishermen.
Air-conditioned dining room with TV, DVD and stereo.
Upper external non climatized area , but including shower and awning.
08 light aluminum boats (5.5m) with 30 hp motors and electric motor always in excellent conditions, essential to reach the best fishing points due to its lightness and navigability.
Two high-power generator sets.
Draft of 1.4m that allows to reach the headwaters of the tributaries of the region.
Satelite Telephone.

The proposal for the construction of this boat was to be able to take larger groups to the best fishing spots in the Amazon, a proposal previously only obtained using regional boats.

Bring your group and be amazed by the comfort and reach of this fantastic boat.

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