It is important to emphasize that Angatu is currently the oldest company operating in the region of Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (SIRN).
We are honored to inform our current and future customers that the two current world records (weight and size) have been captured in one of our operations, in other words we have measured no effort to get you where the fish is.
Our tour changes according to the information gathered in the previous weeks of fishing and the experience of the guides that were born in the region.
In the region of Barcelos we operate in the Rio Negro and its tributaries (Cuiuni, Alegria, Arirarrá, Itu, Aracá, Demini, Preto and Padauari).


All our operations are 06 full days of fishing, being 1/2 period on the day of arrival, 05 full days during the week and 1/2 period on the last day.

In BARCELOS we operate from SUNDAY to SUNDAY and exclusively with our boats ANGATU and ANGATU MIRIM according to the dates informed below (season 2016/17):

ANGATU - The first week of Angatu in Barcelos will be from November, 6th to 13th, 2016.
MIRIM - The first week of Mirim in Barcelos will be from November 20th to 27th, 2016.

* AÇU - Operates exclusively in the region of Santa Isabel.


TO GO: Arrival of the fishermen in Manaus on Saturdays.
The arrival of the group in Manaus varies according to the cities of origin of the fishermen.
Manaus has an international airport that serves as the base for numerous flights to Brazil and to the world. The arrival time in Manaus should be adjusted with the group leader so that the next morning (Sunday) everybody is ready for boarding in a chartered flight at 6am at the Aerodrome / Eduardinho de Manaus.

1st Day (Sunday): Presentation of the group at the Aerodrome / Eduardinho de Manaus early in the morning (currently all ready at 6am) to board Manaus / Barcelos (duration of one hour and a half).
Arriving in Barcelos - the Angatu team will welcome the group, leading you to one of our boats - INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE -.
With the boat already stocked and the route set, the fishery begins soon after lunch (2pm).

2nd to 6th Day (Monday to Friday): breakfast is served at 6 am.
As soon as the group finishes eating, the alluminum boats/ canoes will already be waiting for the group on the deck. The fishing day ends at 6pm, and all fishermen must return to the boat.
There is no night fishing for safety reasons.

Day 7 (Saturday): As on other days, the group leaves the boat shortly after breakfast.
The boat hotel goes to Barcelos to be cleaned and restocked for the group the next day.
The return of the canoes / sails to the city should be adjusted with the boat manager and the guides the night before. The fishery usually goes up to 1pm.
As soon as the fishermen (duo/pair) arrive in Barcelos, they will be taken to a hotel already booked by the company (with a daily rate of R$ 120,00 double room with breakfast - THIS HOTEL IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.) Both lunch and dinner on the last day will be paid by the group - NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.
The crew will be off duty.

RETURN: Return from Barcelos to Manaus (Sunday).

On the 8th day, after breakfast, the group will be driven from the hotel to the city airport - INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE - where the chartered plane will be waiting for the group to board and travel to Manaus. We recommend all our customers to book their tickets from Manaus to their cities after 3pm.

Arriving in Manaus, either at the Aerodrome or at Eduardinho, the group should travel by taxi or van to the International Airport (Eduardão) to board a national or international airlines companies- NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.