Tips and Recommendations



1. Provide your fishing license-amateur category shipped (website of the Ministry of Fisheries).
2. It is not necessary to take bed and bath linen.
3. Try to knead the barbs of the garatéias of artificial baits, this does not damage your fishery and facilitates its extraction in case of possible accidents.
4. Wear light and light clothing, due to the intense heat, which prevails throughout the year in the region.
5. Take plenty of sunscreen and a lip balm.
6. Do not forget to bring a raincoat.
7. Do not abuse alcoholic beverages, remember that excessive intake of alcohol under heavy heat, combined with increased sweating, can cause dehydration. So, drink water regularly, helping to keep your body always hydrated.
8. For precautionary measures, get vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus up to 30 days before travel.
9. The lifejacket (available on the boat) is not "ornament", use it even if you know how to swim, your postage is mandatory during the fishery.
10. We recommend the use of polarized glasses, cap or hat and sunscreen during fishing.
11. In case of doubt or insecurity consult the most experienced or responsible.
12. Practice fishing and ALWAYS release.
13. Laundry service is available on board the boat (washing only). Therefore, do not carry excess clothing.
14. For security reasons we DO NOT FISH during the night time.
15. In Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro cellular phones work exclusively through the operator VIVO.
16. Take your camera with batteries and spare memory cards.
17. The boat offers global telephone calls (at a cost of R$ 20,00 per minute).