Baits and Lines



It is recommended to use BRAIDED LINES between 65lbs and 80lbs. Do not give chances what can be the fish of your life.
Buy well-branded lines and preferably multi-threaded (braid) lines, this will make bait work easier.
By using lines with a gauge above 0.40mm, it is not necessary to use leader. The region where we fish hardly has stones.
If snaps and spinners are to be used, use the good brand with a resistance of 80lbs upwards.



In the Amazon we have the following motto: "The less is more". So do not take hundreds of baits. The advantage of using thick lines, in addition to not losing the fish, is not to lose lures easily.

Five lures that you have the habit of working (propeller / zara / popper / stick) are sufficient for a good fishery. We recommend the following lures:
- 05 large propellers (+ 15cm) of various colors (Rip Roller, Devassa, Woodchopper, T-Rex, etc) with 1/0 and 2/0 garatéias, plus reinforced rings (+ 80lbs);
- 04 sticks or large zaras (Jummping Minow, Bonnie 128, RedPepper Magnum and etc);
- 02 poppers (PopQueen 105 and etc.);
- 03 subsurface (Perversa, Prima, Biruta and etc.);
- 3 half water (Crystal Minnow, Nikkita and etc);
- 05 pen jigs.
All guards must be reinforced.